Not just a curated box of scents, but a box of what matters. And what matters is your self care; the ability to choose living good, feeling good, and smelling good. 

And, oh yeah, it just happens to hold our popular, wholesome signature fragrances for the season.

Box-o-Scents© - Summer Fragrance Box

All the aromatic bliss you need for summer's hot days and festive nights.

-Exotic Fruit Fragrance Collection

  • Ya Mon - coconut, jamaican fruits (1.5 Dram)
  • Tropical Isles - peaches, mangos, blueberries (1.5 Dram)
  • Island Sunset - pineapples, mangos, coconut  (1.5 Dram)
  • Coconutty - cherry almonds, mangos, coconuts (1.5 Dram)
  • Cooler - raspberries, coconuts (1.5 Dram)
  • Caribbean Horizon - blueberries, kiwi (1.5 Dram)
  • Cantaloupe Supreme - blackberries, cantaloupes (1.5 Dram)

-Indonesia Collection

  • Gentle Wind - soft powder, light sandalwood, soft musk  (1.5 Dram)

-Amber Nights Collection

  • Summer Glow - soft amber, sweet musk   (1.5 Dram)

-Sparkling Fragrance Collection

  • Sparkling Honey Apple (1 Dram)

Gift With Purchase: 2 oz Fresh Sheets & Me multi-purpose linen spray.*  

    This plant-based and organic spray is for your personal spaces and private places.

    Refresh your linens. And refresh your "do" (hair). And refresh your skin. And refresh your car. And refresh your home & office. And cool off and soothe hot summer skin. You see what we're doing here, right? Enjoy this multi-use product.

    *While Product Last

    Box Value: $67.00 // Limited Quantity

    Handcrafted Signature Fragrances are not diluted with water, alcohol, nor Di Propylene Glycol (DPG).

    Allow your skin to indulge in aromatic essence, natural oil, and positive vibes.

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