A list of Frequently Asked Questions. 

How do I order?

Select a category; click on the product's name for description to learn more, and to make fragrance selection; type in quantity; Add to Cart. 

How do I select a fragrance?

Many of our products have multiple pull-down menus.  Per product's description, select your fragrance from only one of the option menus. If several fragrances are selected, the first fragrance will be used in the product.

How do I use a coupon code?
Enter coupon code in Shopping Cart, not Checkout. Some coupon codes are for registered customers only.  If you find that the coupon code discount isn't reflecting in the shopping cart, log into your account; Click Shopping Cart to continue.

What are Reward Points?
Reward Points are rewarded to registered customers.  Reward Points work the same as money: use them to receive free product, or for discounts on your order.  Enter Reward Points in the Shopping Cart.  Reward Points can be combined with Coupon Codes and Gift Vouchers. Reward Points do not expire. 

Reward Points are not valid during sales events.

When will my order ship?
See Turnaround in Terms and Conditions.

Can I make a return or cancel my order?

Yes. See Terms and Conditions to learn more.

Can I pick up my order?
No. Pickup service is not available at this time. 

Are there Terms and Conditions?
Yes. For a smooth transaction, read the Terms and Conditons here.

Do you wholesale?
Yes. We encourage enterprising women in the retail, spa, and basket design industry to partner with us. See our wholesale menu at smellgoodspa.com/wholesale

Do you customize fragrances?

Yes, we customize fragrances in bulk for business-to-business only. Send an email via the Contact Us form.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?
Yes, we do. And we encourage women who are active on social media to join us.  

Registering does not guarantee an affiliate partnership.

See Affiliate Program here

Do you have a way for me to keep up with sales and special offers?
Yes! Subscribe to our newsletter, here

Where can I find the Key Ingredients in the products?
See the Specification tab on the product's page.

What are your office hours?
Monday-Thursday, 10 AM-6 PM ET; Friday, 10 AM-5 PM ET; Saturday-Sunday, closed