Message from Smell Good Spa

Smell Good Spa Shoppers:

In order to remain committed to our mission, and continue to use superior ingredients in your products, we are implementing changes to the availability of our made-to-order deluxe-size products. Three times a year (fall, winter, summer), the entire bath and body line will be available to retail shoppers, for two weeks; Signature Fragrance Oils, Signature Hand-Dipped Incense, Curated Boxes, and bath & body Samples are always in stock.  Additionally, select products will be available for purchase via other online stores and brick & mortar locations. We will notify you with more information in the near future. 

  1. Shop our select products on Handmade at Amazon
  2. Shop our Samples category, today.
  3. Purchase handcrafted, deluxe-size products in bulk on our wholesale website, year-round.
  4. See our Ready-for-Beauty category also. There is where you can find our handcrafted bath and body goods, made in small batches, and ready to ship to you faster. 

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We thank you for your time. We believe these changes will allow us to continue to serve you in the positive way you deserve, as we move forward into the next phase of Smell Good Spa.

Smell Good Spa Team