Feeling out of sorts lately?  Memory slipping a bit? Or maybe you just need a good night's sleep. Allow your self-care regimen to help you. 

Positive Results:*

  • Helps with confusion
  • Improves sleep
  • Lessens irritability
  • improves poor memory
  • And Much More

"...it’s considered a vital mineral for over 300 biochemical reactions that regulate our health and wellness" (draxe.com).

Why add Essentials Nighttime Magnesium Cream to my self-care regimen?

  • Contains 75mg Magnesium Chloride (the highest strength on the market)
  • Transdermal - helps the body from the inside out
  • Proven all-natural, broad-spectrum preservative system
  • Sweet-Smelling Dreams - infused with essential oil, Purple Rose
  • Wholesome ingredients to hydrate and condition your skin

“Transdermal is the ultimate way to replenish cellular magnesium levels. Every cell in the body bathes and feeds in it and even DHEA levels are increased naturally” (Dr. Normal Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.). 

*Results tested and measured by medical professionals.

4 fl oz / 120 ml

What's In There?
Key Ingredients Magnesium chloride, Safflower Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Leaf Juice, Argan Oil, Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (preservative)

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Essentials Nighttime Magnesium Cream

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