Customer Reviews

Words From Happy Smell Gooders

It's unbelievable how beautifully fragranced each product is! The more I try, the more I love! Tammy H, CA

Just got my incense in the mail.  Best scents this side of Heaven! Paula B., NY

O.M.F.Geeee!!! Just got my package. And when I tell you we're in this car having nose-gasms!! My husband is the king of incense and he's flipping out over these! We can't wait to get back home to light them! This is our official scent for our new house! The scent is so potent and delicious! I can smell them through the bag.Yahya S., LA 

The 12 Tribes body lotion was a huge hit. My sweetie loves the scent and asked me to order another jar of it so that he doesn't have to wait when this one runs out. Evelyn B., NJ

CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!! I could smell everything through the box! Currently burning the Breadfruit incense in my brand new incense coffin, and sniffing my hands that are scented by the wonderful Marinade (in 'Summer Glow'). Can't wait to shower with the Moisturizing Body Wash, and give my pits some TLC with the deodorant stick (in 'Purple Rose'). So excited to give the sample King deodorant sticks as gifts!!! Thank you once again for such exemplary service and quality. Teneele B., NJ 

I just opened my package and Laaaawd!! Everything smells sooo good!! Thanks for adding the two small samples. Now I HAVE to get "Coconutty and Moon Glow." They smell divine! Donielle D., NJ

Oh my goodness. I just got my oils and BABY!!! SISTERQUEEN?! Yes. The scent, the bottle shape, the descriptive accuracy? And the SAMPLES? Yep. Lifelong customers. You got us. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Uzuri A., Illinois

Just opened my big ol box of smell goods and man I am amazed at all the different scents! I even love the new King scents! I'm almost tempted to use the King deodorant tomorrow. Itiel you are AWESOME! Michaela P., South Carolina

"SCREAMING!!!! I got my Smell Goods!! OMG I miss this stuff so much. All I can say is Wowy wow wow! Man everything smells so delicious and makes my skin so soft!" Valaira S., California

We love our new products! Thank you for making something just for little girls. My daughter's smell like strawberries and fresh cut flowers now, and they love it ... a little too much sometimes, I have to watch them to be sure they're not overusing the perfume roller and balm. I love the White Chocolate Coffee Decadence spray. My daughter wants me to put it in her hair, but I will have to get her her own bottle ... don't want her using mine up. :) Donna J., Georgia

Hi, I received your whipped cream bath wash thru a giveaway and I have to say, I really really like it! Generous sized tub of cream that will last me a while, and smells good but not overpowering. I also read the label and see you don't have it filled with sulfates, which some companies do just to make it foamier-- I really like that because I have hard water and that makes anything with too much sulfates a pain to rinse off or clean out the shower. So just letting ya'll know, I give this product a thumbs up! Also, you might want to eat it but just remember it's not food ;) Jennifer D., Pennsylvania

I'm loving my Incense, I burn them outside in the garden when I sit out with a glass of wine, perfection. Edmund N., Bahamas

I received my order over the weekend and I just love your product! I bought three of the essential oil scents and two packs of incense, I love all of it! The incense is probably some of the best I've bought before (and I've bought tons of it over the last 20 years). Thanks so much! Elizabeth, Washington

Ever since I became pregnant I have been very picky about the scents I use, and even though my child is 4 months old now I can not use or smell just anything. So, it's hard for me to buy stuff without smelling it first. Well I took a chance with Smell Goods 98. I am glad to say that I ordered your Rub Down, (sweet citrus scented), and I am extremely happy with this wonderful product. It doesn't just smell good - It smells great! Kala,Illinois

The Circle of Ten says a Big Thank You for adding Smell Goods to our gift Bags, it was a wonderful touch and our guests loved it. You delivered on time and we are so grateful to you. Your Service. package and quality is Incredible!! Keep Shining! S. Stephenson, New Jersey

Greetings Itiel. Just wanted to let you know that I am overwhelmingly pleased with my order. First of all, I am a grown woman, so why am I having to convince myself not to taste the Fresh Vanilla Lush Body Butter?!! It looks, feels, and smells like cake icing! I absolutely love it. D. Jones, Maryland

My daughter has received her 'smell goods' and she loves them. Her body scrub was as she said "purple-licious" and her cotton candy scents are "yummy" you have a new customer! Thanks sis for all that you do! Bless. Sauda J., Georgia

Just received my Incense and Chai all-over sprays (Fresh Sheets & Me), and Frankincense and Myrrh deodorant. I am in heaven! THANK YOU!!!!! A. Franklin, Tennessee

I just had to let you know that I am very satisfied with the deodorant. I put it on and am bombarded with the aroma all day, which is good because it's natural scents, really I take a whiff of my underarms periodically because it smells the same all day, it doesn't wear off! Even after all night wear, (because of my thyroid issue I have terrible night sweats), my underarms are dry and STILL SMELL GOOD! Itiel, I don't know if I can fully express to you how happy I am with this product! Thank you soooo much! L. Norvell, North Carolina

OMGosh!! The insense holder is awesome! It's well constructed, beautiful and practical! I just threw out my old incense holder!! The incense itself is lovely! My son hates incense with a passion and he is in the living room with it burning right now! I asked him if he liked the smell and he said, "Yeah!" From a teenager, that is the ultimate compliment! J. Brown, New Hampshire

Irie Lioness Boutique, Burns Smell Goods incense everyday.. the customers love ♥ it and the comment always is.. "in here smells good!.. Perfect Name as it sure lives up to it.. Give thanks Smell Goods. Will definitely be ordering more and more and more! W. Pereira, St. Kitts

This thing only goes to 5 stars?! Well let me tell you, Smell Goods is THE perfect name for your biz because indeed everything does just that! I LOVE the Mimosa oil. Oh and hubby loves it too! I can't give you his direct quote (it's not FB! But he did say "mmm that's nice!" Now that I read Shenina's review, I need to order that Bammin Banana Spritzer! That is one of my fav scents. Let me wait until Wednesday so I can get an extra one b/c I can't narrow it down....AGAIN! Love it!! Donielle, New Jersey

I didn't know heaven came in a powder!! Your deodorant powder is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! It's so silky smooth, smells divine, and not only keeps me odor-free, but DRY! I'm talking even after dance class! My underarms thank you :) D. Jones, Maryland

I am beyond satisified with my order! I am in LOVE with everything I've purchased. I can already tell that the PALM OIL SOAPS are my favorites already & I haven't even used neither. I can tell just by looking at them that they are going to do just as they are supposed to. And then they come in very nice sizes! The MOJITO SUGAR SMOOTHER doesn't even have to be touched because I can just open the lid & let the aroma fill my bathroom by itself.....and that's a PLUS without me even using it. I can't wait to smooth this alllll over my body. Because I am a big fan of banana scents & candy, I couldn't resist ordering the BAMMIN' BANANA STAY SWEET SPRITZER! I sprayed a little on my wrist & immediately thought of Banana flavored Laffy Taffy, lol! It smells sooo good to where I almost squirted some in my mouth, lol! (I know...that's a NO NO)! I am so grateful to have ordered from such a beautiful business as this & look forward to ordering again. Also, I absolutely LOVE what you stand for & the affirmation that is on the spray is awesome as well! Thank you for serving me, I really appreciate it :-) Shenina, Tennessee

My favorite products are the deodorant and the almond whip cream scrub! Natural deodorants that actually work are hard to find (especially for those us who sweat profusely). Smell Goods has the stuff that WORKS and SMELLS GOOD! Functional and sweet smelling...what more can you ask for?! The Almond Whip Cream Scrub is the smoothest exfoliant I've ever used. And, of course, it SMELLS GOOD! It feels great on my feet, and I use it at least twice or thrice a week. Raspberry Sorbet..mmmm. Lastly, but surely not least, the customer service is supreme! And, we know we're in an age of deteriorating customer service, so I appreciate the consistent follow-through and super-sweet-surprise-samples. C. Crews, D.C.

Oh my goodness. Got my package today. It was awesome as I was trying to tear open my package because I was just so excited I was having a hard time. :-) When I finally got it open the scent of my whip cream lotion scent milk & honey came rushing out! I LOVE IT gotta get the big bottle now! Smells so good and goes on so smooth and you just can feel it moisturizing the skin. I love the service, excellent prices and quality products. It was worth the wait as I'm typing this I'm smelling my own self and guess what... I Smell so Good!!S. Fairley, Mississippi


First I would like to say, I am so grateful I placed an order with this company. I ordered several weeks ago, it was during a very difficult time in my life-and BEFORE I could even open the package-I could already smell the SMELL GOODS! I ordered a bunch of goodies, and still have a stash I am looking forward to using-BUT I immediately used the Alaea Sea Salt Polish, Tangy Black Citrus-I FELL DEEPLY IN LOVE!!! The fragrance was so awesome, and the results were amazing when I used it...and that Lush Body Butter, China Doll scent, really blew my mind. I got addicted to using it everyday! I got so many compliments on that fragrance, one lady actually stopped me and said, "Mmmmmm you smell good!!!" And when I told her the name of the company-she cracked up laughing, and then she said, "Well, it's true, you do smell good!" lol....that was the highlight of my day. The Body Butter melted right on my skin-just like butter on a piece of toast baby. My hubby loved it too!:-) I still have my Goat's Milk Bath Soak to use-there is no doubt in my mind that it's going to be an awesome experience also. Itiel, keep doing your thang girl-your customer service is GREAT...and your products....TOP OF THE LINE! T. Foreman, Pennsylvania

I got my order today!!! I LOVE every single item! Thanks so much Itiel & family! My son just finished using the chai soap and Bushman marinade. My entire room smells delightful! The marinade...Oh My Goodness! I never knew that goodness could be bottled. Love it! I love the Night Nurse fragrance as well. I put it on as soon as I took it out the box and smelled it. Thanks for the recommendation! Smell Goods is where it's at! B. Bridges, Mississippi

Itiel, your regal nature is priceless and I pray that I do as well in business as you've mastered with Smell Good Spa. You have been a source of inspiration for aspiring Indie's such as myself. : ) Okay, let's talk about SLEEP almond walnut scrub and its sidekick fresh sheets & me! I love, love, love your scrubs in that they do the ultimate job without the greasiness. While I love oil based scrubs, yours is a refreshing and welcomed alternative. The consistency is whipped to perfection and the exfoliating properties used are matchless. The spritz is formulated with just the right amount of fragrance and the aromatic feel hugs the skin for the ultimate in-home-spa experience. You've gained a customer for life and hopefully the extra scrubs I purchased make it under the Christmas tree as the gifts I intend for them to be. BUT, that remains to be seen. : ) Thank you so much, for such AWESOME products and impeccable service. K. Wright, Maryland

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I never win anything, so this is wonderful!. While I'm thanking you, I'd like to let you know that I regularly purchase the Lavendar-Roseli Signature Fragrance Oil. I fell in love with this scent and decided I wanted it to be "My Signature Scent". I mix it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and use it as an after-bath oil. It is light for the summer and very moisturizing during the winter. I rarely use lotion any more and my skin is silky smooth and beautifully scented all the time. I can't tell you how many times, people have complimented me and asked "what are you wearing - it smells so good"!!!!! I become immune to the scent once I have it on so it's good to know I still smell good all day. Just today a woman came up to me that I had previously passed walking in the hallway at work. She came back to me at my desk and said she "followed the scent" and wanted to let me know how fresh and clean I smelled and this was 3:00 in the afternoon!!!! lol I LOVE IT!!! Thank you again. Pat R., Ohio

..GIRL I USED your SOAP this morning and let me tell you MY SKIN is feeling REFRESHED and "new" thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT. J.D. Hicks, New York

I've been meaning to email you since Sunday night when we finally opened up our Smell Goods package to use the incense in our weekly ritual. Oh. My. God. I am so delighted to be an official member of the Smell Goods Happy Client Club! Itiel, how does the incense burn for that long, and so slowly? How come it's been FOUR, yes I said FOUR days since we've burned one and our room still smells like BLISS? Also, the oils I take it were an extra bonus for moi, and I am eternally grateful! Thank you! That honeysuckle oil in particular grabbed me by the collar and dragged me off to some place where my feet aren't allowed to touch the freakin' ground!!! Seriously, I am honored to be a customer, Itiel! WELL DONE and THANK YOU!! Akilah Richards, Georgia

It's official: I have fallen in love with yet another one of your products :-) I put some Rub Down Oil in my hair and every time I walk or even turn my head I get a whiff of the incredible scent! I love it- it's like being enveloped in an aromatic halo! Other oils I've tried on my hair smell good in the bottle, but once applied the scent seems to disappear. Rub Down Oil puts them to shame! D. Jones, Maryland

I love the body powder,but I just wanted to tell you again how amazing that powder really is.I applied some at about 5:00 AM,and it is now almost 7:00 PM and I can still smell it! It smells great! Thank you for this wonderful product. K. Elliott, Michigan

The Chai soap that I ordered was all that and then some. lol The smell alone had me hooked. Thanks and I definitely Smell Good! T.Johnson, Pennsylvania 

Hi! I received my order today. Thank you for the extra products you guys are the best. Mary H., Arizona

Hi! I just got my package in the mail & I am in love! Everything smells so delicious even the vanilla deodorant. ( earlier my son was daring me to taste it lol ) Thank you for the samples too my newfound favorite is Flare so I will be heading over to get a larger bottle. I hope all is well, Thanks so much :) Bless. Camisha, Washington

Good Morning Sis Itiel! I got the oils and incense yesterday, thank you sooo much. After opening the package, I sat in the car for bout 15 mins in awe of how good they smell. You da truth sis your products are top shelf : ) I haven’t found anything this good, period. Your incense and oils are pure, clean and delightfully fragrant. I burnt 12 tribes last night; it was pleasant, smokeless and left a heavenly scent. I am impressed and will certainly be back for more! Peace and Prosperity to you! N. Sutton, Florida

I just want to post feedback on my shopping experience with I made a purchase utilizing my BBC discount and the checkout process was very user-friendly. Not only that, I received emails providing my order status and letting me know when my product was shipped. When it arrived, Ms. McVay had included a sample of another product that I absolutely LOVE. Not only is the fragrance remarkable, but the soap lathers easily and rinses away nicely. An added bonus, my bathroom has a fresh scent because of the products, too :) I will definitely try more of her creations and shop with confidence. Continued success to you, Itiel. Thank you for being a blessing! Barbara, Ohio

I love your products. It seems when I put the lotion on at night my boyfriend sleeps a little closer to me LOL!! Andrea, New Jersey

Thank you so much for the gift, I burned my incense right away. I love all of my products, they smell so good. When I gave one of my daughters her "Stay Sweet", she left it in the living room. I asked her why did she leave it in the living room, she said she wanted to clean her room before she took it in her room. LOL, great, positive change and she hasn't opened the gift wrapping:) Ameenah, Pennyslvania 

I am currently burning the 'shiloh' scent and it is simply divine. The fragrance is very feminine but not overpowering. And the scent is STRONG but subtle. Highly recommended! Thank you Itiel - now I am spoiled - I shall never purchase incense from the beauty supply shop again!! Christine, New Jersey

Ever since I became pregnant I have been very picky about the scents I use, and even though my child is 4 months old now I can not use or smell just anything. So, it's hard for me to buy stuff without smelling it first. Well I took a chance with Smell Goods 98. I am glad to say that I ordered your Rub Down, (sweet citrus scented), and I am extremely happy with this wonderful product. It doesn't just smell good - It smells great! Kala, Illinois

Greetings Itiel. Just wanted to let you know that I am overwhelmingly pleased with my order. First of all, I am a grown woman, so why am I having to convince myself not to taste the vanilla Lush Body Butter?!! It looks, feels, and smells like cake icing! I absolutely love it. And the deodorant is a winner. It withstood my 90 minute African dance class. That says it all! Keep up the great work!

Greetings! I am writing to thank you for the Scent of the Season oil and incense samples. What a generous gift! The spiced apple fantasy and midnight pomegranate are absolutely intoxicating! I have had the pleasure of delighting in your oils, but this was my first introduction to your incense. It is by far the best incense I have ever used! The aroma lingers the entire day and then some. I absolutely love it. I look forward to my next purchase from you! Thank you again. Peace and blessings. D. Jones, Maryland

.....we used the bubble bath last night and we loved it, as we did the scrub and the butter! You’re good girl-I’m so proud to know you personally! T. Butler, North Carolina

I really like that your goods have a scent. Some barely do once they're in water or on the body. C. Edwards, Canada

I love the products! I don't want to leave my bathroom! N.Boxston, Georgia

....your price is hard to resist, and the smell is better than aquolina's - I tested them against each other and you win hands down. (And you can quote me on that)... and also thanks for the coconut oil tester, that was a nice bonus. L.Holsinger, Vermont

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying my order. Everything smells absolutely wonderful, and I'm really enjoying all the fragrance samples. Someone did say to me yesterday, "You smell good!" and I had to giggle. :-) The foot spray feels divine, and I'm looking forward to using my soap. Many thanks for the soap dish! I'll be back for more! (That Cantaloupe Supreme is addictive. I didn't even know I liked melon-scented things.) D. Gilleland, Oregon

Your body oils are the only fragrances that do not upset my sinus. C. Fuller, North Carolina

I am still enjoying my soaps and lotion - they are lasting FOREVER. I'm looking forward to trying more good stuff in the future and recommending your products to my friends. D. Jones, North Carolina 

I am truly enjoying EVERYTHING I purchased. I am also telling EVERYONE I know about you and your company. H. Carr, North Carolina

My husband served in the US Army Airborne. Due to adverse conditions during the war his skin became very scaly and dry. We have tried many products over the years until ... Smell Goods. Thanks to your oils and lotions my husband's skin is sooo soft and he smells sooo good. E. J. Willis, North Carolina

Like I said, I have no reason to "Smell Good" anywhere else! The soaps, what moisture! It is really, unbelievable, incredible. The Massai oil spray. How do you two do it? I am ready to place another order.D. Roberson, North Carolina

I already used my scrub this morning....and you are right whatever new you added now leaves the feel like you have lotion on...2 in 1...LOVE IT! B. Fernandez, New Jersey

Thank you! I received my purchase today and I am thrilled with all the little extras. I've already given samples to several friends. We LOVE the CD. I will be a returning customer. Good job! Michellene F., Oregon

...please bring me some of the butter (Lush Body Butter) that you gave me in the bag. My husband loved it on me!!
T. Davis, North Carolina

I got the oils today - wonderful! I am wearing the Mimosa right now - and I love the Joy, Peace, Moor, Plum, Green Tea, musks, - ok, I like them all! Thank you so much! J. Wells, Georgia

I just wanted to let you know that I received your products in the mail today and I absolutely LOVE everything! Your products smell so wonderful and I think now I'm addicted to that "Shiloh" sample you included too! C. Smith, Connecticut

Good afternoon I would just like to thank you so much for the bottle of Respect I'm really enjoying it and as always I love the products. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you and your business. M. S. Stradford, North Carolina