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Signature, aromatic blends of essence and natural oil crafted and poured into sleek, amber glass bottles with smooth, silver roller balls. Niiiiice.

Our Signature Fragrance Oils is what started it all! All of our fragrance collections are not featured on our wholesale site. However, we've made a selection that we know you'll be pleased to offer to your customers.

  • No DPG (Di-Propylene Glycol) | No Water | No Alcohol | No Phthalate
  • For body and home.

*Picture is for bottle reference only. 


I am purposely sniffing my wrists. Green Tea Swirl is my new signature scent. -Uzuri

I just opened my package and Laaaawd!! Everything smells sooo good!! Thanks for adding the two small samples. Now I HAVE to get "Coconutty and Moon Glow." They smell divine! - Donielle

I love to use the oils for burning oils in our house. The twelve Tribes scent is our signature fragrance and it doubles as a great wearable. Thank you sis for creating such wonderful smell goods! -Nspiyahd Life

Being one who loves scents, i've tried several brands of oils, and Smell Good Spa is the best by far! Not only are the scents delectable, but they last all day. Couple that with the exceptional customer service and quick shipping, and you've got a winner every time! - Djenaba

I was wearing the 12 Tribes scent, and I ran into a few friends who raved about how good I smelled. They would not let me get away until I told them where they could buy some for themselves. Peace is another of my favorite fragrances. - Evelyn

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Signature Fragrance Oil

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