• Signature Hand Dipped Incense

This product can be ordered in 25-pack increments, 1 fragrance option per 25, or groups of 5, 1 fragrance per group. No other assortment will be accepted. If the order is not placed in one of these manners, we will use our discretion and process the order according to these options. Customer will not be notified. 

Signature Hand Dipped Incense is one of our top sellers on our retail side. And we think your customers are going to enjoy these aromatic sticks for their me-time, chill-out time, and relaxation. Forget about that wood-burning odor, you're about to introduce your customers to olfactory joy, sweet smoke, and a clean burn. They'll be back for more.

  • No DPG (Di-Propylene Glycol) Solvent

30 sticks

How To Use

Light Signature Hand-Dipped Incense; Gently blow on flame until an orange glow appears; Blow out flame; Enjoy. Do not leave burning incense unattended. 

Vendor/Reseller Tip

Sticks can be sold individually


The 'Milk and Honey' incense sticks are heavenly! They burn nice and slow, and keep my home smelling blissfully inviting for hours after the last bit of ash falls. I recently ordered a 50-count of the 'Breadfruit' incense sticks, and I can't wait to receive them! Signature Hand-Dipped Incense = two thumbs way up! -Teneele

I love this incense. And when my husband and teenage son both comment on how great the house smells, then my decision to purchase and use this wonderful product is confirmed yet again. Thank you for this fragrant gift to our home. -Gail Henderson-Belsito

Coconutty is as delicious as it smells(& sounds)! Blending cherry almonds, mangos and coconuts provides bliss to the olfactory, and burn after burn, year after year, it doesn't make you get "burned out" over it. As the late Bernic Mac would say, "This is nice. Real nice."  -Derrick Thorpe

Blessings...I love these Signature Hand-Dipped Incense so much I gave them to co-workers and they ordered some too. I could smell them from inside the box when I received them. The smell is incredible and last for hours after burning. I have tried Gentle Wind, Bushman, Malatia, Sheba, and South Pacific. This is a great product that everyone should try :) -Tiffany Owens 

The best incense in the world! Natural fragrance that lingers way after it stops burning. I purchased Peace and Gentle Wind and they smell amazing! I will definitely purchase again. -Nyeaurah C. Sutton

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Signature Hand Dipped Incense

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