Turnaround Time Bite-Size Details

With the increasing number of shoppers who may not take the time to peruse our site to learn more by reading the FAQs nor Terms & Conditions, which are conveniently accessible, we're providing the details here in bite-size.

When receiving our products, not only are we sending raw, wholesome, unrefined, minimally refined ingredients in most of our products, but we are also sending plenty sincere love, thoughts of joy and peace, creativity, and gratitude. We care for humanity through our work.

We are handcrafters.

What does that mean for part of your experience with us? 

Our turnaround time is 7-14 business days from Processing, which does not include shipping time.

  • Many times orders are shipped before 7 business days or before the max time
  • 14 business days is the max, especially if shopping takes place during a sale*
  • Expedited creating nor shipping is not offered 
  • Holiday shopping? See the above points
  • We make contact when an order goes beyond the max time 
  • Order Updates are sent to the email address a shopper attaches to the order | Order Updates are Pending, Processing, Completed, Shipped | We do not answer inquiries referencing the status of orders (see the point directly above)

Lead Time: The amount of days an order is in Pending status before Processing status. (See Current Lead Time on the welcome page.)

We hope this is helpful. We're all about serving. And we look forward to serving you.

*Sales are in the months of June, November, and February. BOGO Friday is every 2nd Friday, April-October.

PS. Shortages and delays are still happening around the globe affecting suppliers and manufacturers. However, we are still diligent and committed to getting our customers their orders within our turnaround time.